Not to be picky or anything, but … if a business is large enough to advertise their goods (this stands equally for the corner drugstore or the national chain), the business is large enough to hire an extra set of eyes to scan that ad before it hits the paper or the sign in front of the store.

I have actually seen the following in catalogs, on signs, and in paper ads: “All T-Shirt's 50% off” and “BOGO on all cupcake's!” - or how about this - “Wine and selected beer's on clearance!” Maybe the best/worst of them all was the cardboard sign strapped to a cardboard box on the tailgate of a truck in a parking lot of a discount store … “FREE Puppys”.

I wanted to scoop all those poor puppies up in my arms and remove them from the ignorant household just on the basic principle of it all!

With no shame attached, I openly admit being the person who will email a company to alert the advertising department of their errors and yes, I have actually picked up the phone and called Name-Omitted fast food joint across the street from the high school to speak with the manger when their sign was grammatically incorrect. It's right there by the high school, for crying out loud!

It's not difficult. Words are singular (puppy), plural (puppies) or possessive (puppy's).

What is the craziest or worst sign or ad you've ever seen? I sure would like to wince along with you if want to share the misery with the rest of us!