Among a few of the books on my in-progress shelf is a project I initially began especially for my daughter; in a previous post, I mentioned how we both enjoy a decent fantasy story which doesn't include magical shenanigans or wizards, that sort of action. Do you have any idea how difficult it is finding a book fitting that criteria? Got to thinking about it and figured the best way to find such a story would be creating it myself!

The general outline is kinda sorta maybe almost complete (you know how we authors are constantly rearranging and editing right up to that last second when we reluctantly press the publish button-and even then, we wonder if we should have changed this or that).

Here's the thing: this story is designed to include wacky, unheard of, strange critters from depths of who-knows-where, but I haven't visited the depths of the earth yet!

Here's where my readers come into the situation: if you have the details of some odd, weird, wacky critter (land, water or tree varieties-All shapes and sizes will be considered), your input would be ever so appreciated for this project. Just comment or email me with your vast knowledge and educate me!

Here's what you get for your effort: 1) If your critter is makes the final cut, (several characters will be chosen) your name, along with the critter, will be mentioned in that cool front page where authors thank all the nifty people who helped them 2) You get to name the story character 3) You will receive a free digital copy of the book once it has been published.

So whaddaya say? Get those thinking caps on and hit me with all your awesomeness! If you would prefer keeping your input top secret, here's how to contact me: theoneampen @ robynleatherman . com