This has been the worst winter to hit the nation in 18 years, according to practically every source of weather information we've got, and this intense cold isn't over yet.

It's been a physical and financial strain on so many; thinking about those who currently reside in shelters or on the streets, it makes me grateful to own a home, even if it has been very difficult heating it. This brings me to my next thought: the Rosebud reservation. The families who live there have some rough winters to deal with even during a normal year. But this winter has been really hard for them. There are numerous avenues available if you would like to volunteer to help these families, either by cash or by goods. My suggestion would be to contact the reservation itself to find out exactly how your contributions would be used most efficiently.

Some families could use a care package of everyday toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, and dish soap, while another might shed grateful tears over opening a box with sewing materials for quilts; it never hurts just to ask how to send any form of help.

Here's the link to the reservation's official website, and if you scroll down to the bottom left-hand side, you'll find all the contact information you'll need to get the ball rolling!

That's it for this week; I felt this topic held more importance than my writing projects this time around, so stay warm and contact the Rosebud officials to find out how you may be of assistance to a family who could really use your support right now.

Thank you in advance for your help, everyone, and please spread the word so we can help as many families as we possibly can this winter!