This last week has been full of twists and turns that have been completely unexpected for me; I had intended to introduce the last few characters of Summer Rain in this post, but that, too has twisted in another direction.
    As a newly published author, I've experienced some things the last few days that have confused me, inspired me, and have even left me wondering if some things applied to me.
    I'm talking about the whole world of self-promotion.
    Never having done this before, I admit that it's kinda hard for me to do, and I'm pretty sure that none of my followers are going to tire of hearing me advertise my book.
    I have, however, registered on several promotional sites and am considering submitting my book to a few novel contests as well; until this week, it hadn't occurred to me that it would even be a possibility that I could enter a novel contest. The entire fact that I'm finally a published author still hasn't fully registered in my brain, I don't think.
    One day, I'm sitting around the house waiting to be that person with a published book and BAM! the next day, there it is ... just overnight, there it was. Wow!
    I wonder how long it'll be before I actually feel comfortable in sending that message out to everyone with the link to my book ... and how long it took for the big-time authors like Judy Blume to feel comfy tooting her own horn?
    The face of publishing has changed so much over the years and now each author is required to promote themselves along with their publishers; that's understandable, considering the financial investment they contribute to brand-new authors.
    Next Wednesday, I'll let everyone know what I've done between now and next week in regards to my promotion. I'll keep a list and make a full report; who knows? What I find out just might help someone else who's new to the game.
    Anyone have a few good tips on how to get into the swing of this self-promo thing gracefully? I'd love to hear how each of you jumped into it!