AtoZ Challenge Day 7: G is for Gwendolyn's Wish by Tracy Kauffman @Kauffman_Tracy

Gwendolyn's Wish, written by Tracy Kauffman

This Southern Christian Fiction author of both Children's books & YA Fantasy, Tracy writes her books in a responsible manner - meaning that she doesn't write any material that might ever be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for children. Her reason? Tracy wants to help "instill good manners" in our children. Isn't that refreshing, folks? (I sure think so!) Bearing this fact in mind, let's take a look at her book, Gwendolyn's Wish.

I'm going to let our author of the day describe this book in her own words" "Gwen is a homely young girl with no friends until she meets her neighbor, Zahara. She soon discovers Zahara has a secret. Zahara has a parrot that can grant wishes. She tells Gwen about her special friend and instructs her on how to acquire her own special companion. Unsure of the truthfulness of what she was told, Gwen goes home and follows Zahara's instructions. Soon, she receives her very own parrot. He can grant wishes too. He tells her to think hard, about what she wants her first wish to be. So she goes home to think about her wish."

TIP: Click on the picture of the book once you land on her Amazon page to get a sneak peek!

Oh! And something else that is pretty cool about Tracy. If you're an author and would like some extra promo for your own projects ... you're going to want to check out the link below to her Literary Directory.

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