AtoZ Challenge Day 6: F is for  Flight of the Earls by Michael Reynolds @M_K_Reynolds

First of all, I warn you: this is one of my favorite books ever. You might be about to hear a fangirl squeal in the background, so bear with me *wink* on this post.

I understand how difficult it can be at times to convey certain thoughts so each reader gets an exactly image as the writer describes what's cooking, mouths salivating waiting for that pot of stew. 

Michael, however, shows no lack in the ability to do these things with perfection and ease. This book (which has 5-star ratings) draws the reader in from the very first page and refuses to let go until we've finished that last paragraph. But wait! He won't even let go of you then, because he has cleverly provided 14 Discussion Questions in the back of the book. These questions will provoke not only reminders about the book and characters themselves - but also tie in the relationships that each of us have with our own families and with God.

The story begins in September, 1846 Ireland in the very thrust of what we now know as the great potato famine. From page one, we meet the Hanley clan and quickly fall into a hypnotic scene, where we become a fly on the wall and watch each member of the family almost in their own little world, even though they interact with one another well. The dynamics of this family are deep; life must have been so difficult for the people who lived during this most tragic time in history and Michael spares no detail, for which I am grateful.

As Clare (along with her younger brother, Seamus) makes the decision to move to America, we discover that there are still challenges to be faced even in the land of opportunity.

You will not want to miss this one, folks - and much to my satisfaction, Flight of the Earls is only the beginning. That's right! This is the first in a trilogy: the next book is In Golden Splendor and will be available on July 15th! (You can even download the first chapter of this book with your smartphone and the code provided at the back of Flight of the Earls.)

But hang on, because there is one more slice of pure historical yumminess that would be a tragic mistake for me to leave out: Michael makes himself available to each one of us in the from of a nifty newsletter that you may receive in your own inbox. Check out his amazing website / blog and get on that list!