A-Z Challenge Day 21

Unending Devotion,
written by Jody Hedlund

Unending Devotion.

When you hear (or in this case read) those words, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? More likely than not, romance. A devotion to a relationship and someone you love.

This book is about devotion to somebody the main character loves, just not in the same way you would think.

Lily Young is a girl on the move – working her way from town to town and logging camp to logging camp as an assistant photographer to Oren, an older man that took her under his wing.

Why, you may wonder, is she constantly on the move? Good question.

Lily Young is bent on finding her younger sister, Daisy who was taken and forced into working at a brothel.

The problem? Lily has no idea which one she’s in, hence the reason for her travels.

When Lily and Oren find themselves in a small town that survives off the local logging camp, things take a turn for the scandalous.

Enter: Connell McCormick, the man who runs the logging camp in the name of his father.

McCormick has one thing on his mind and one thing only – make his fathers business a true success.

But unfortunately for Connell, living in his older brothers shadow makes it a bit difficult.

Connell's world is turned upside down and inside out when Lily helps open his eyes to the corruption that lingers in the town and soon, the two join forces in order to save Daisy and heal the town.

The only question left to answer is…

Will they?

This book will tug on your heart strings and move your emotions into a path you didn’t think possible.