The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness,
written by Craig Stone

Before going one word farther, I should direct you to Day 12 of my Challenge. It was on Day 12 that I featured one of Craig's other books, Life Knocks. It was also on Day 12 that I used several adjectives to describe this awesome British author, one of those adjectives being Genius.

Craig is one of my literary heros. Really.

Prior to writing this book, Craig had an office job and a place to live - but he gave both of those up in order to write this book. Literally gave them up. Quit his job and vacated his home in order to voluntarily become homeless and live in a park in order to immerse himself in the character and surroundings for this insightful look into what goes through one's mind when a cold bush and a park bench becomes your primary abode. Not that it's all dismal - no! Through Craig's storytelling ability, you'll laugh until you cry.

Just read his Twitter page, website/blog or check out all his Amazon reviews if you don't believe me - this guy is one hilariously gifted writer!