AtoZ Challenge Day 13:
M is for Muffin Tin Meals
by Maggie Ingles

Get ready for 18 of the quickest summer time meal shortcuts that even the kids will love -  from mini meat loaves to tiny little pizzas and even breakfast foods, you and your kids or grandkids will have fun experimenting with this.

If you own a muffin tin and a stack of liners, you've got this. What you won't have is a ton of leftovers that nobody will touch - and using this method of cooking will also help eliminate the temptation of overeating, because you will find yourself preparing just enough for each meal. And as an added bonus: this method of food preparation is so simple - you could reasonably spend half a day preparing meals for the week's worth of sack lunches!

Most of the ingredients used for these meals are staple goods that most kitchens already have on hand, and with some imagination, the recipes can be altered to fit your family's taste.

Maggie has 5 other cook books and lots more recipes using her muffin tin ideas; if you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow all of them for free!