A few people have begun inquiring as to whether or not the next installment in my Valley series is still on schedule to be finished by May 30th.

The short answer to this question is no, it's not.

I'm going to be completely honest with everyone: my attention has been sorely distracted into about seventeen projects the past few months, and while writing is a huge part of my life - it's not the only thing in my life.

However, I have been working on Anticipation in the Valley and am just finishing chapter 7; this book should end up with a chapter count of maybe 25 or so.

The release date is currently up in the air since I got off track in my writing, so as progress is made, I will update right here.

As the months pass and my itinerary loosens up more by the end of August, I will be back into the full-swing of writing every day, which means the final story in the Valley series will be complete and ready for publication toward the end of this year, just as planned.

Once the Valley series has been completed and released, I plan to host a huge giveaway of all three books, complete with one grand prize containing several items relating to the books. (For those who remember the giveaway with Rebellion's release, you know I like to make my prize packages worth the entry!)

So hang in there with me, friends, I'm trying to get back on track!