Reading a book before sleep. Sneaking in a couple of chapters while waiting for the clothes to dry. Instead of cleaning the house. We've all got a bunch of reasons for why we like to read, but the one thing that we all have in common is the fact that we want to have our current read readily available no matter where we are.

Many of us have gotten into the convenience of mobile reading, and if you're like me, the one mobile device you always have with you - is your smartphone.

Most people would say the preferred mobile reading app would be the Kindle cloud reader, but there are some smartphones which do not support that particular method of mobile reading. However, there are a few other choices out there, and I am here to share what I'm using just in case you haven't found them for yourselves.

The smartphone I had a few months ago used the symbian operating system (Nokia) and I couldn't get the cloud reader to work on it. But I could download a pdf file and read in from my downloads. Whatever works, right? ;)

Now that I have switched to Android, though, the Kindle cloud reader DOES work on this phone.

Like so many other millions of readers out there, I have grown to appreciate the free app from Amazon that allows me to download my kindle in cloud form to my cell phone. Every single book and magazine that I own on my kindle is available on my phone ... but what about all my other books that are not on my kindle?

Smashwords is a huge part of my reading vocabulary, but the phone I currently own (Samsung) doesn't support the PDF files I wanted to download from Smashwords.

Enter the wonders of Dropbox. This is a free service which allows the user to sync files between a computer and mobile device. It allows not only the synching of printed documents such as files, spreadsheets and books, but even supports music, videos and photos. In order to use this service, all you have to do is register on your computer first and download the file to your computer. It takes all of 30 seconds. Then install the mobile app. That is literally it. The user can choose whether to upgrade from the free 2 GB the account comes with and also may choose which files are synched so that 2 GB is used the way you want it to be used.

With Dropbox, the user can download a PDF file (book) and have it ready on the mobile app within seconds.

But before I figured out the whole Dropbox thing, though, I fell in love with Aldiko - which is yet another fantastic reading app that is compatible with Android phones. This is also simple to install and super easy to use. Just download the app, go to your Smashwords library, and choose the second method of downloading the book(s) you want to read. (You will see Aldiko listed in the format options.) The book will automatically slide right on over to your Aldiko bookshelf on the app you install on your phone. I've currently got a baker's dozen installed on my bookshelf.

Last of all, make sure you get that Good Reads app downloaded so you can keep up with your bookshelves there.

Happy reading, everyone - why not give me a shout and let me know what you're reading today?