This week I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you. Not your ordinary hey-what-a-pretty-bird pictures, either. Nope! These pictures provide a little comical insight into my mind as I'm writing. And unfortunately, also a grand display of the lack of my artistic abilities when it comes to drawing.

The first picture came from a brainstorm I had (lightening ... brainstorm ... haha I crack myself up) that might take place in the canyon ... and well, believe it or not - that second pictures is supposed to be a horse. Sorta looks more like a - well, I just don't really know what it looks like!


Yes, friends, these pictures come right out of one of my writing notebooks. I carry one with me everywhere I go so if I think of a really neat idea, I can even draw it all out for myself. Sorta ;)

Enjoy and have a laugh on me!