As my work progresses, I try keeping everyone in the loop with some of the highlights along my journey, and guess what this week's tidbit is?

While writing about Westcliffe's business district in the late 1870s to early 1880s, the German immigrants and the Colfax Colony came into play. The gears in my mind commenced to turning and it sounded reasonable enough for the restaurants, hotels and saloons to have been influenced by the various cooking styles which had been introduced into the small community. And as we all know, any decent story has gotta dip into the food barrel, so I began a search of some yummy goodies of that era so they could be included in conversations between my characters.

I stumbled on the website,, typed in 1880s German food, and wahoo – did I find some good stuff!

Scanning through all those scrumptious meals and desserts,it occurred to me that it's going to be one tough job choosing what to use … so here's the thing: how would you like to help me out?

While I'm busy writing this story and deciding which dishes will become Tobias, Doc and the sheriff's favorites, how would you, my lovely readers, like to donate one of your family's favorite old German recipes, verify it's honestly your family's recipe and you are granting me permission to use it – then at the end of Anticipation in the Valley, I will use the best 10 recipes as an extra freebie for my readers. Of course, all due credit will go to each one who submits a recipe and for your trouble, I will even provide each donor with a FREE COPY of Anticipation once it's released!

How does that sound?

As always, you may leave a reply right here, email me or pass as message to me on Good Reads. So get those thinking caps on and start digging around in those recipe boxes – I can hardly wait to see what you guys come up with!