Well, we made it. It's a whole new year in front of each of us. What will we do with our time? Do we have any short-term goals to begin mapping out - or to finally meet? How are those long-term goals going?

I set up my Good Reads Reading Challenge this afternoon, vowing to plow through 50 books in the next 365 days, and I also placed the 2014 Historical Tapestry Reading Challenge box on my Bling page, which means I'm going to be reading a bunch of historical fiction again this year, as well. (I know ... surprise twist, right? lol)

I also changed the fonts around a bit on my blog and website while I was at it.

Did some writing and research on my new Wattpad project about the Atsina Indians today, as well. I'll admit, though, I did hit a tiny wall in my research.

The Native American Atsina tribe, who were, like so many other Native American tribes, a part of the Algonkin family, were at one time also associated with the Blackfeet tribe. (For a brief definition of what this means, please see THIS link from an Access Genealogy page.)

The Atsina tribe apparently splintered off into two tribes, forming the Gros Ventre and the Arapaho in the mid-1750s. The story I'm starting to write takes place before the split, and this is where my wall began adding a few stones this afternoon, because I'm having a hard time finding information on the reason for this split, and why the Astina did not keep their original name of Astsina, as well as more information on the tribe itself during the early part of the 1700s.

When I first blogged about this new project on December 18th, I mentioned that I would be searching out information on obscure tribes, alphabetically, and attempt to create stories about them; for my first one out of the shoot, that goal has been met.

Of course, the research is what I live for as an historical author...and the story is only a couple of weeks into the actual writing process, so after a few more days, this project might actually have a title in the seven days!

Only one way to find out. See ya next week!