In November, when that last ten minutes of NaNoWriMo brought all of us to an end and it was time to lay our pencils down, I finished the competition as a winner with over 51,000 words.

Although I've dabbled in children's stories and YA books in the past, I only allowed family and close friends read them; I'm known for writing historical fiction, and that's the genre I enjoy sharing with others. (As I brought out a few weeks ago, this book was actually spun out of a friendly round of competition between my daughter and myself. She is also an author and her preferred genre is YA.)

However, I have decided that when it comes to NaNo competitions, it will generally not be out of the historical fiction box that I'll be writing.

As I worked on the book, my visual artist, Lindsay Kayser, was hard at work getting my cover prepared for me.

Next week we'll post an interview so all of you can get to know her, but until then, let me tell you that she is wonderful to work with. Lindsay has a background in photography and video arts and not only listened to what I wanted--but delivered it! She has a few openings in her schedule, so heads-up for anyone who might be just about to publish those NaNo novels ... next week's interview will tell how you can get in touch with her to discuss your cover art.

All writing, editing and cover art complete, the next step was formatting for Smashwords, which I admit looked scary at first, but was so simple once I just tried it. (In all honesty, I'd highly recommend printing out Mark Coker's Style Guide for Smashwords and reading it with a highlighting pen a week before the publishing day.)

By the way - I used Open Office instead of Microsoft Word, and it worked just fine for uploading.

A Dolphin For One will be available as a free download from Smashwords until March 10th, so get your copy and drop me a line to let me know what you think of it. Oh - and stay tuned, because here in a couple of weeks, there is going to be little surprise coming for my readers.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!