We're just about there, everyone! Had I been a technologically savvy person, you would all have a surprise e-book this week instead of having to wait until the 25th, when we're actually scheduled to release, because my book cover is now finished!

My cover designer, Lindsay Kayser, has prepared a cover that did the impossible: she designed it exactly the way I'd envisioned it in my head! She is amazing - and available for more appointments, might I add. You'll find her contact information in the front cover of my book, so don't be shy about getting in touch with her for your own cover art.

Within the next couple of weeks, she and I will be heading into the interviewing chamber, where you'll be able to learn a few neat things about her; you won't want to miss that one, especially if you're shopping around for a visual artist,

With all this good news, this is where I must admit that completely on my part, I'm having a difficult time uploading the cover art.

As you remember, this is my first attempt at uploading to Smashwords, so just bear with me, y'all, because when we go live, Dolphin will be free for two full weeks!

This week's post is short, but it's mainly just to keep everyone updated about Dolphin, so send all your brain power in my direction so I can figure out all this uploading business and get that book into your hands.

We'll talk soon -