Every author should have the intelligence to back up their work.

Every author needs to back their work with some form of safety net.

Every auth ... Ok. We get it. But are we doing it?

Several methods of backing up our work are available and come in varying price ranges from free to the-sky-is-the-limit.

 Let's begin with my personal favorite price range: free.

In no particular order, let's review three freebies which are classified under what's known as cloud storage or online storage.

Cloud storage backup sites range in storage size; it may become necessary to open a secondary account under an alternate email address if you run out of room and prefer to remain in that zero cost range - but still want everything within the same site.

Mimedia.com offers 
7 GB for free; for this generous helping of storage, you will easily be able to store about 1,000+ songs,1,400+ photos,140+ videos and 7,000+ documents. (Upgrade and pay $4.99 each month if you need 100 MB) Mimedia also has plans for those who require 250 and 500 MB of storage - even up to 1 TB! Access it all via mobile with your iphone or ipad.

Spideroak.com offers 2 GB of free storage space, but you can upgrade here as well - and you can go mobile with spideroak. If you ever delete something and wish you hadn't, don't worry! Spideroak comes equipped with a recycle bin for those goof-deletes!

Myotherdrive.com offers, like Spideroak, 2 GB for free. But with myotherdrive, you get the extra feature of being able to back up multiple computers from one single account. Now that's handy! Prices range from free to $10/month (or $100/year) and customers can pay by the month or the year, all the way up to 1 TB of storage.

If you prefer saving your material to a physical jump drive, these gadgets range in price from $10 on up, again, depending on size and quality.

This is where it gets cool. If you pride yourself on being unique, like me, why not save your work to a chunk of chocolate or a frog instead of some boring old jump stick? Head on over to budgetgadgets.com. It won't take even a full minute for the grins to emerge and I'm not going to spoil all the surprises you're going to find here! (You may thank me later for this one!)

I personally own a westerndigital.com external hard drive; my 1 TB external hard drive cost about $80 on sale. It currently holds my entire music collection of well over 300 CDs, several books I've begun writing and literally hundreds of photos. I haven't used enough space to properly comment on how much space is still available on this portable device. The saleslady told me I could place the New York Public Library on there and now I believe it! I have never had a problem opening this up to use it, and I have also plugged the USB cable into other computers of various platforms and the material still is accessible from each one.

Now that you have lots of options, the rest is up to you. Back that work today - you are one virus away from losing everything you've worked so hard to accomplish.