While I am happy that I decided to enter the NaNoWriMo competition this year, I’m finding that it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Each day I write, I find myself not getting in the word count I need. I’m a picky writer and want what I say to be correct – from the kitchen wallpaper to which brands were available in the era I’m writing about, I want to come off like I know what I’m talking about. It’s important to me to be credible, so I research. A lot. Some people might say too much. I’m obsessive when it comes to details and have found that it’s something I really don’t even want to change about my craft.

I am standing at a total word count of nearly 5,000 words behind schedule-due, mostly, to my researching obsession.

But as long as I’ve done the work, I may as well share it with you; it might save someone else a few minutes so at least some of us will get our word counts in today!


This is a picture diary from the Great Depression era; what attracts me to these photos are the looks on people’s faces and how they are groomed. Sometimes we may think things are rough for us, but take a look at the fifth photo. Study the home, the children’s clothing, the look of desperation on the faces of the adults. Now  look around your own home, go ahead and walk around a bit. Do you have a tv, mp3 player, dvd player and movies? Food to get you by for the week? Are your clothes clean?

Keep scrolling through this list of photos. Find the “Migrant Mother” photos and read the description. For just two minutes, pretend that you are this woman.

Find the photo from Oklahoma County, OK. Do you see the bed sitting outside the house? My grandmother told me that sometimes when folks didn’t have much room inside, some of the family –weather permitting – slept outside. And if the bedbugs got intolerable, that bed went outside. But at least you were on a bed and not on the floor.

The Leland, Mississippi photo of the Rex Theater for Colored People makes me remember the story my mother related to me from her elementary school days. She saw the sign above the drinking fountain that was labeled, “colored water”. She wanted to drink out of that fountain so badly and tried sneaking a drink from it numerous times, certain it would taste like a rainbow of berry flavors, but alas … the teachers always snatched her from the handle just as she poised to take a sip.


This site showcases furniture and room designs for every room in the house – period covered: 1920s to the 1960s.


American Vintage Home has a wonderful photo collection here and once you see all the clickable links, you just might spend as much time here as I have. It’s a beautiful collection to give us the visuals required for painting our stories.


Lisa’s Nostalgic Café displays not only nostalgic photographs of items from every room in the house, but this site also goes into some detail about many of the items-such as the icebox. The physical description is well explained and we are even given pieces of information that a writer could easily slip into a story line to beef up a word count as needed here and there! (I say thank you for that one!)

So in the time it took me to do all this research and tell all you fine people about it, I suppose I could have gotten just about caught up on the old NaNo word count.

I’ll catch up and meet that 50,000 word goal, just wait n see!