Last week in my blog, I mentioned a few things I wanted to work on this year, and one of those things involves jumping more out of my comfort zone in order to take part in activities I have always wanted to explore ... and have yet to try out.

Entering contests fall into this category, and each Wednesday I share a number of writing contests with those who follow me on Twitter. But this week I wanted to go a bit deeper and share information about a specific contest I've stumbled on, and we all know that as awesome as Twitter is, it's impossible to share the following on that platform:

2013 James Jones Fellowship Contest

This fellowship, offered by Wilkes University's James Jones Literary Society, is awarded to American writers with a first fiction novel in progress. This entry invitation is only for unpublished authors and this competition does have an entry fee of $25 if sent via snail mail and an additional $3 fee if sent electronically.

The first place prize is awarded in the amount of $10,000 and two runner-up awards shall be in the amount of $750 each.

Authors writing novellas or short story collections with linked stories may also be considered for the award.

Applicants must submit the first 50 pages of their manuscript plus an outline of the whole novel that should not exceed two pages and further details may be found on the link below.

Entry deadline: Midnight, March 1st, 2013.

I've been reading comments from some people about the submission request for 2 pages of the novel's outline. There seems to be some confusion about the difference between a synopsis and an outline, so I looked up some information on Writer's Digest (because I've always found these people to be spot-on with just about any writing-related question).

Here is what Writer's Digest has to say about writing that perfect synopsis  and here is their advice on how authors may choose which outline method is right - we all have our own individual needs and styles, right?

I'd like to encourage any new novelists to go ahead and make your submission! You'll never win if you don't enter. And when you DO make that submission, would you please let me know? I'd really enjoy tweeting about your journey and if you' like - we could even set up an interview to give your name and project even more exposure!