You know that look on a three year old's face when you sit a chubby, squirming puppy at her feet?

This is how I feel about the upcoming A-Z Challenge on April 1st; this is going to be my literary puppy and I'm so excited to play with it that I've already begun tossing around ideas for the challenge and have invited a few of my favorite bloggers to join me. Hey, we even get our own nifty badges to display on our blogs in exchange for our participation!

So exactly what IS the A-Z Challenge?

No less than an awesome splurge in our creative powers, the A-Z Challenge is where we choose from one of the themes and every day in April (except Sundays - see the rules) we post with a topic within the theme we've chosen and begin on April 1st with the letter A.

Example: Sally chooses "Gardening" as her theme, so on April 1st, she might blog about azaleas, on the 2nd, maybe begonias, and so forth.

My chosen theme is going to be Books; my plan is to quote a few lines, provide links to purchase the books I blog about, and above all else - I plan to totally enjoy myself with this!

In an attempt to lend my support to this Challenge, I've begun a list of bloggers who plan to participate and want me to RT their daily challenges. I'd love to add you to my list, so if you plan to participate, sign up and then tweet me so I can add you to my growing list. At the time of this post, there are already 424 people who have signed up and I don't want to overlook anyone!

Looking forward to your tweets!