2013 A-Z Challenge Day 23:
W is for Where The Red Fern Grows
by Woodrow Wilson Rawls

Pretty sure everyone has either read these books (parts 1 & 2) or seen the movie version.

This book is about a young Cherokee boy who finally gets to have two puppies, sweet coonhounds, for a raccoon-trapping contest in the Ozarks, but Billy grows to love Old Dan and Little Ann more than just about anything.

He also finds out that raising them isn't the easiest thing he's ever done as he grows rather quickly from being a carefree boy into young manhood with his new responsibility.

This book is perfect for parents to read out loud to younger children - even teens teens and adults will enjoy this story. One thing I appreciate is how different age groups take away different things from this book. As a bonus, the reader even  learns about the old Native American story of the plant, the red fern.

Amazon has several used copies of this book, and at the time of this post, there are 309 paperback copies available for only one penny, so don't forget to grab a copy and post your review on both Amazon and Good Reads!