A-Z Challenge Day 22:
V is for Valley of the Dolls
Bu Jacqueline Susann

This book was written the year I was born; it became an instant best-seller and one of the most-discussed books of its time, with sales reaching the 30 million-plus status. This, of course, paved the way for other female authors to roll their sleeves up and join the club of best-selling female authors.

One thing I found interesting when I began researching the information for this book from Wikipedia, was the fact that it wasn't only a novel. Let's take a look at the journey Valley of the Dolls has taken over the years:

1966: The published novel is introduced.

1967: The motion picture

1967: Adapted into a dramatic film

1981: TV miniseries

1981: TV miniseries (second run)

1994: TV series

199:4 a late-night, syndicated television soap opera

2005: Radio series

Three weeks in August and September 2005: It was part of the Woman's Hour program's ongoing fifteen minute daily drama slot, and has been rebroadcast several times on BBC Radio in three 70-minute omnibus episodes.

Upcoming TV series

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