2013 A-Z Challenge Day 15:
O is for the online magazine, Open Field
(Editor, @kirstenalex)

This is an exciting thing to get in on, everyone!


It's because Open Field's concept if different than other magazines; the profits collected from sales go directly to the charity CARE, who use the money to fund programs that assist women in developing countries. To read more about CARE and find out how you can help out, please click on the link.

I encourage you to take a look at all the talented women who have contributed to Open Field; we're talking about women who have been longlisted for the Orange Prize, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, women who have been awarded both a Guggenheim and a Radcliffe Fellowship - you get the idea. These contributing women are intelligent, talented and obviously very giving in spirit; it's an honor for me to even be talking about them.

To learn more about each one of them, please visit their blog/websites and Twitter accounts.

Since Open Field has only been in business for 2 issues, we're getting in on the ground floor of a publication that is sure to become a big hit. In 2012, Open Field iPad magazine won a Silver MADC (Melbourne Advertising and Design Club) Award for Best Content.

Just to offer a teaser, take a look at the first two issues:

For the first issue of this magazine, twenty-eight women considered the word Change. In response, the magazine was given an array of material from artwork to song and written words - all from incredibly beautiful women making a difference in the world. Be prepared to be amazed.

The second issue asked a new collection of contributors – thirty women in all – to reflect on the word Place. Once again, the response was inspiring!

In short, Open Field is a digital publication that I can honestly pledge my support to, and once you have taken a look at the magazine, contributors, and of course, at CARE itself - I hope you, too, will lend your support to Open Field.