2013 A-Z Challenge:
K is for Knot What It Seams
by @elizabethscraig

I bought this book last month, and for those of you who keep up with me on my blog, you know that Not What It Seams is up next on my reading list. I'm pretty excited to read it, and this is why:

- "Knot" is from the Southern Quilting Mystery Series ... Elizabeth's first in this series is Quilt or Innocence.
- Elizabeth's got 5-star ratings for this book and some mighty good reviews on Amazon!
- The book is a tidy 3X6 inches in size. Perfect to keep in my bag for car rides, which is where I do a lot of my reading.
- A couple of the character's names are Posy and Meadow ... how cool is that?
- I know there are quilting tips toward the end of the book.
- Elizabeth has also included a few recipes at the end of the book & I won't let myself look at them til that last page has been turned.
- Taken from Elizabeth's own website, here is the book's synopsis: "Southern Quilting Mysteries: Dwindling membership has the Village Quilters hanging by a thread, and group leader Meadow Downey is desperate to recruit some new folks. With Beatrice’s blessing, she attempts to weave frequent quilt show judge Jo Paxton into their fold. As the town’s irascible mail carrier, Jo delivers trouble wherever she goes. And with all that mail at her fingertips, she knows everyone’s business. Soon Beatrice wonders if they’ve made the right choice."

And here's a little bonus for you today: Amazon has another one of Elizabeth's books on their freebie kindle list! Not sure how much longer this will be available, so HURRY and grab your copy of Progressive Dinner Deadly (A Myrtle Clover Mystery) while you still can!