Thank you for sticking with me in this year's competition and for stopping by to find out how things are working out for me now that we're into week #3.

So far into this year's competition, my highest word count day was on Tuesday the 20th, when I penned 3700 words in just that one day! I was really jamming along and the story that has been inside my brain for the past two years just poured out of my fingertips. (I love it when that happens!)

We now have only 9 days left. So what is my total word count, you ask?

If I tell you, you have to pinky promise not to laugh out loud or make those smirky faces. At least not to my face.

I'm currently sitting at a total of 23,111 and according to my NaNo chart (I love that thing!) I will need to continue on the course I was on Tuesday. I will need to write 2,988 words each and every one of the remaining 9 days.

Yes, I know. That's a whole buncha words to get out! 

But if you recollect what I mentioned last week-I work well under pressure.

It isn't only the whole working under pressure thing that makes me think I'll finish this year's competition; I'll let you in on a couple of personal reasons that fuels my determination.

The first one is that I have the world's best cheerleader in my corner. My daughter. She inspires me to keep going and cheers me on when I'm not sure if I can.

The second log in my fire is my husband, who bough me the laptop I'm writing on at this second; he bought it specifically to help me with this year's NaNo competition.

So between those of you from my Twitter following who have been cheering me along and my incredible family, I have to win this thing. There is no try.

And we all know I won't meet that word count by gabbing all day on my blog, so until next week ...