The past week has been enlightening.
Across the board, many of us are feeling like this year's competition is kicking us in the teeth - compared to last year, when the same set of us breezed right through with no problem whatsoever.
That leads me to ask why? Are we sharing the same set of problems?
My main problem was starting on day 9 instead of day 1. Waiting on my new computer to arrive swallowed up the first 2 days and then one distraction after the other took the next 7 days.
In some sense, I think part of my hesitation to get started stems from the fact that I write historical fiction. It's kinda my thing. I thought I would enjoy doing something out of the box for this year's competition and now I am really not so sure if I like it now that I'm trying it. (Might be one of those fear of the unknown things.)
And now here I sit at 13,000 words and needing to be at 25,000. I would have to write 12,000 words TODAY to be where I need to be.
I really appreciate the chart on NaNo's website; seeing exactly how many words we need to write each day in order to finish is such a huge help. (I currently need to write 2315 words a day to catch up. Doable but difficult.)
Instead of carrying on here on my blog, I shall cut this week short and get back to the task at hand.
I wish all my fellow NaNoWriMo go-getters well and will see you all right back here next week about the same time with update on week 3!