As I said last week, I planned to keep everyone updated with my progress this year; I would like to report that I've been breezing right through like I did last year, but that would not be the truth.

For the first two days of NaNo this year, I was waiting on my new computer to arrive; there went Thursday and Friday.

The weekend was filled up with an out of town trip and Monday I was just plain old lazy and recuperating from the weekend, and on Tuesday, I forgot about NaNo altogether! (What?)

That leaves yesterday, when I gave myself and real long talk about shaping myself up and jumping into this thing already.

Let's not even talk about today.

So tomorrow is day #9 and right now I only have logged in a total of about 6,000 words, when at this time, I should have at the least - 15,000! This means when I wake up in the morning, I will already be behind about 9,000 words.

I have had this story mapped out in my mind for two years now; I've had dreams about the story and know it inside and out. Both my editor for this story and my cover art person have already been lined up and they are just waiting on me to give the green light; once it's completely put together, A Dolphin For One is going to Smashwords and will be a free book for a while.

This competition is important to me because it demonstrates to myself that even after 32 years of writing, I still have the drive to write under pressure, that I still have the creative pull in my mind to continue doing this.

I have every ounce of determination to kick it into gear and finish this year's competition - and that's exactly what will happen!

SO for all of the others out there who are finding yourselves in the same set of shoes that I'm in ... let's just do this thing already and cheer each other on to victory!