It's almost that time again, everyone!
    Hopefully, you've tossed your name in the proverbial hat and have already registered with for this year's competition. If not, you've still got plenty of time to get this done before the whistle blows at midnight, Thursday, November 1st!
    If you happen to be a pro at this writing competition, you are far beyond my status; this will only be my second year, but I did collect lots of information that I took away from my experience last year. It was completely new to me and I had, in fact, never entered a writing competition before.
    Many thanks goes to Book Goodies for allowing me to share some of these tidbits. It's one way I'm able to give back to the general literary community of Twitter, because I have been mentored, assisted, and helped in so many ways by so many people. You know who you are (wink)! If you're interested in reading my thoughts, you can find them right here.
    One thing I mentioned was that I wanted to share a copy of the word count chart I'm using for this year's competition.    It's the same one I used last year and worked out well for me. I know it's just one chart of many, but if I can give back ... feel free to use it and pass it around! (You can find it on my blog page and I'll leave it up until December 10th.)
    Above all else, I wish you the most fun and joy as you march along each day in this year's competition.
    You can do this!