Last week I talked about how difficult it is for me when it comes to self-promotion of my own work. I also said that I'd write a follow-up article listing a few steps I've taken since last week to put myself out there and do some promoting.

I've been registered with many sites that promote books and authors for several months, and now that my book has actually hit the shelves, I adjusted my profiles with these sites to reflect the release of my book.

Which sites am I a member of?

These are some websites I've found to be be very supportive of authors:

1. has become a pretty popular site for both readers and authors; one thing that seems to be a common thread is the free book giveaway program here. (Heads-up: I plan to be doing a giveaway here myself. When? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!)

2. seems to work kind of like a Facebook page, but the difference is that it's completely dedicated to books, readers, and authors. It gets to the point without the extra stuff to weed through and although I have no Facebook page, I believe I'm going to really like using this website!

3. offers a few freebies for authors and the owners of the site are very friendly on twitter and encourage authors with advice and loads of encouraging tips and thoughts.

4. offers a great mini-newspaper that comes to libraries and patrons for free, and the authors are able to place ads for their work, distribute the newspapers, and even may place one flyer inside each newspaper.

5. provides a newsletter and plenty of networking tips; there is even an article for the shy writer *was that placed there just for me?*.

6. boasts a platform of about 10,000 readers and the site will take a while to really look through completely; check out the section marked "Join" and look all the way through. Many freebies and several low-cost promotional opportunities available here! (Make sure to check out the Win Free Books section while you're there!)

7. is an online directory that connects readers to the authors. This is free and authors may have the option to list their work by genre, helping readers search by topic, genre, etc. As an author, you may even link up to 5 distributors of your book - AND "Become a featured book reviewer and be entered to win to an all expense paid trip to book signing of your choice at the Mall of America." Cool beans, right?

8. is associated with Harper Collins and provides free advice on how to get published, how to promote your book, and even make contact with other authors. It's sponsored by and you'll find lots of nifty ads for publishing your work.

Those were the online ways I promoted my book this past week. But I did two other things to round the number out to ten:

9.    Several months ago, a friend of the family did some work for an owner of a local bookstore. Happily for me, he took advantage of the situation and told her about me and my book. She handed him one of her calling cards - and to my amazement, she actually did remember me when I called her a few days ago! I'll be sending her a copy of my book to review as she waits for a shipment of my books to arrive at her shop *grins*!

10.    And the tenth thing I did this week was plain old plugging my friends and family. Hey, those people know people who know people. And nearly all of them have a Facebook following. (It was a good call to honk my own horn with friends and family.)

So there you have it: last week I talked about how shy I was about all this self-promotion business, and by promising to share how I planned to overcome my shyness, I actually put myself out of my comfort zone and went a few extra steps. And it not only felt good, but I accomplished quite a bit in the process!

What have you done to promote your work? It would be great to hear your tips!