In this edition of my blog post, I’d like to pay tribute to @johannaharness and the twitter hash tag community she has established - #amwriting.

The community that supports #amwriting is really neat! Through this community, I’ve connected with some pretty great people - some are established authors and some are just getting into the business, but everyone seems to have one thing in common: information is shared about the writing world and not hoarded as private property. I appreciate this!

#amwriting has opened the door for so many of us to connect with others who think the same way we do and it invites all of us to share thoughts and vital information about our craft.

Another aspect that I’ve appreciated with this community is the fact that whether it’s 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, there’s always  someone there to bounce an idea off of!

Because of #amwriting, I’ve also discovered many other hash tags and writing groups that I never would have found otherwise. (I would be especially interested to know if anyone out there has created a “chart” or “guide” featuring these other writing hash tags … I’d like to get one going or support an existing one.)

I say “hooray!” for this community … may #amwriting live a nice, long life on twitter and continue to be the support system that it’s already proven to be!