Year in Review: The Most Viewed Docker Blog Posts of 2020 Part 1

Year in review

2020 was some type of year…as we wrap up a year that undoubtedly will never be forgotten, we rounded up the most viewed Docker blog posts. The following posts are some of what you, the Docker community, found to be most interesting and useful. Which was your favorite?

10) Announcing the Compose Specification

Starting the list with a *bang* is a post highlighting that we created a new open community to develop the Compose Specification. This new community is run with open governance and with input from all interested parties, allowing us together to create a new standard for defining multi-container apps that can be run from the desktop to the cloud. 

9) Advanced Dockerfiles: Faster Builds and Smaller Images Using BuildKit and Multistage Builds 

This post showed some more advanced patterns that go beyond copying files between a build and a runtime stage, allowing one to get the most out of the multistage build feature. Who doesn’t want more efficient multistage Dockerfiles? 

8) Containerized Python Development – Part 2

The second in a series, this post discussed how to set up and wire other components to a containerized Python service. It showed a good way to organize project files and data and how to manage the overall project configuration with Docker Compose. Also covered were the best practices for writing Compose files for speeding up our containerized development process.

7) Docker Desktop for Windows Home is here! 

We were super stoked to announce that the first version of Docker Desktop for Windows Home was available! It was great to get started with WSL 2 Docker Desktop on Windows home and hear the community’s feedback. 

6) Scaling Docker to Serve Millions More Developers: Network Egress

The second in a series, this blog post takes a deep dive into rate limits for container image pulls. Interestingly, roughly 30% of all downloads on Hub come from only 1% of our anonymous users.

But wait, where are the top five posts? And what was the #1 most viewed post of the year? Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where all will be revealed and we can relive the goodness that was the Docker blog 2020 😉


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