Get to Know Docker Desktop

Sep 17 2018

Today on the Edge release channels, we released a new beta version of Docker Desktop, the product formerly known as Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac. You can download this new Edge release for both Windows and macOS. Docker Desktop enables you to start coding and containerizing in minutes and is the easiest way to run Docker Engine, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes on Mac and Windows. In addition to simple setup, Docker Desktop also includes other great features and capabilities such as:

  • Fast edit-test cycles with volume mounting for code and data, including file change notifications.
  • If you want to switch from Swarm to Kubernetes for orchestration, it’s a click of a button in the Docker Desktop UI.
  • On Windows desktops, you can develop both Windows and Linux containers with Docker Desktop using a toggle selection in the UI.
  • Docker Desktop handles the setup and teardown of lightweight VMs on both Windows and macOS, using Hyper-V on Windows desktops and Hyperkit on macOS.
  • Built-in enterprise network support allows Docker Desktop to work with choice of VPNs and proxies.

You may have already noticed the new Docker Desktop name on, and over the next few months we will incorporate the new name in the product UI, documentation, and other other relevant areas. To be clear, there are no changes to Docker Desktop’s availability or functionality: Docker Desktop is still available free of charge for both Windows and macOS and still includes all of the same great capabilities.

New Versioning Scheme

This release of the product also introduces a new versioning scheme, with this version of the product labeled Earlier versions of the Docker Desktop products used the same version numbers as Docker Engine, even though Docker Engine and Docker Desktop are not the same product. Docker Desktop is a free, downstream product which includes Docker Engine plus other complementary features.

Starting with this Edge release, Docker Desktop version and the Docker Engine version numbers will be maintained separately. This will make it clear when the Docker Engine is updated, versus adding new functionality to the Docker Desktop product itself. The new Edge channel Docker Desktop release number is, and it includes the newly released Docker Engine – Community 18.09.0-ce-beta1 announced earlier this week.

The Edge release channel will still be the source of the latest publicly available builds of Docker Desktop, including beta and release candidate versions before general availability (GA). Similar to today’s release of Docker Desktop in the Edge channel, the pre-GA releases will have a designator like beta in the version. After the test cycles have complete, the Docker Desktop Stable channel will continue to provide the latest GA build. So you won’t see the new 2.0 versions in the Stable channel until the beta testing is complete.

You can get the new Docker Desktop now via the Edge channel (Windows or macOS) and you can learn more about the Docker portfolio on

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