Announcing the Docker Student Developer Kit & Campus Ambassador Program!

May 31 2017

For quite some time now we have been receiving daily requests from students all over the world, asking for our help learning Docker, using Docker and teaching their peers how to use Docker. We love their enthusiasm, so we decided it was time to reach out to the student community and give them the helping hand they need!

Docker Education

Understanding how to use Docker is now a must have skill for students. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Understanding how to use Docker is one of the most important skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech, according to Business Insider.
  2. You can just start coding instead of spending time setting up your environment.
  3. You can collaborate easily with your peers and enable seamless group work: Docker eliminates any ‘works on my machine’ issues.
  4. Docker allows you to easily build applications with a modern microservices architecture.
  5. Using Docker will greatly enhance the security of your applications.

Getting Started with Docker

Are you a student who is excited about the prospect of using Docker but still don’t know exactly what Docker is or where to start learning? Now that your finals are over and you have all this free time on your hands, it’s the perfect time for you to get started! Here are a couple of resources to get you up to speed in time for the fall semester:

The Docker Student Developer Kit

We know that many college students are eager to learn and use Docker but don’t have the money to build, ship and run their apps with Docker on their favorite cloud. We really understand all the associated costs of being a student like tuition, textbooks, lab materials, video games, etc. so we decided they deserved our assistance. That is why we are giving 5 private repos from Docker Cloud to every student for free for one year! What is Docker Cloud? Docker Cloud provides a hosted registry service with build and testing facilities for Dockerized application images; tools to help you set up and manage host infrastructure; and application lifecycle features to automate deploying services created from images (read more here).

The Docker Student Developer Kit will also contain access to many free images from Docker Store publishers (100s of Enterprise grade images and 1000s of Community images)! As if all that wasn’t enough, cloud providers Azure, AWS and DigitalOcean are also feeling generous and are offering substantial cloud credits to the first 150 students who apply for the kit! Get your Student Developer Kit by applying here! Just make sure to put your school-issued email address, an upload of your student card and specify your preferred cloud provider!

Docker in Higher Education Community Directory

In redeeming the Docker Student Developer Kit, students will also have access to the Docker in Higher Education Community Directory and the Docker Community Slack team, including the #docker-students channel. The benefits of this are twofold; students will receive updates on Docker community events, activities, and programs including exclusive invitations and promo codes to DockerCon and other community events; and they will be able to network easily with like-minded students and teachers from across the globe. The directory allows search of other members by location or interest, private messaging and group discussions on the slack channel without sharing email addresses. The possibilities for collaboration are limitless!

The Docker Campus Ambassador Program

Docker Campus Ambassador

For those students who are already using Docker and want to initiate and foster a Docker community on their college campus, we have created the Docker Campus Ambassador program. This program is for students of any discipline, who already have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Docker and want to run events (workshops, talks, show and tells etc.) to help their peers learn Docker. Students who are accepted into this program will receive exclusive training from Docker to learn both technical and professional skills, privileged access to the latest Docker editions, admission to all Beta programs, discounted and free tickets to community events like DockerCon and of course… lots of swag!  Students who apply to this program should be leaders on campus and have a knack for organizing and catalyzing groups of people. If this is you, please read the guidelines and apply to the Campus Ambassadors program here.



  • Please note that we have removed the links to the application forms as this program is on hold for the time being.


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