Building Your First Certified Kubernetes Cluster On-Premises, Part 1

There are now a number of options for running certified Kubernetes in the cloud. But let’s say you’re looking to adopt and operationalize Kubernetes for production workloads on-premises. What then? For an on-premises certified Kubernetes distribution, you need an enterprise container platform that allows you to leverage your existing team and processes. In this blog series, I’ll explain Kubernetes support and capabilities under Docker Enterprise 3.0,

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Designing Your First Application in Kubernetes, Part 5: Provisioning Storage

In this series’ final installment, I’ll explain how to provision storage to a Kubernetes application. The final component we want to think about when we build applications for Kubernetes is storage. Remember, a container’s filesystem is transient, and any data kept there is at risk of being deleted along with your container if that container ever exits or is rescheduled. If we want to guarantee that data lives beyond the short lifecycle of a container, we must write it out to external storage.

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