Nuno Do Carmo

Senior System Analyst, Switzerland

IT professional since 15+ years, I worked in different positions from a Helpdesk agent to a Unix/Linux administrator. Today, I’m a Senior System Analyst for a Pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland and a Microsoft Windows Insider MVP.

The passion for Docker came from a video that I “borrowed” back in 2015 from my Captain, Nigel Poulton. Coming from a Solaris 10 background, the technology appealed to me immediately and Nigel’s training style simply put oil into the fire.

Since then, I’ve been blogging about Docker and more specifically about the Windows containers and Linux Containers on Windows (LCOW). And since 3 years, I’ve been showing how to use Windows Subsystem for Linux with Docker.

Since WSL2 has been available, I’ve been doubling efforts on showing different ways on how to integrate Docker with it and I’m a daily user of Docker Desktop for Windows (with WSL2 backend).



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