Community All-Hands Q3: Call for Papers

Mark your calendars! Join us for our next Community All-Hands event on September 1st. This quarterly event is a unique opportunity for the Docker community and staff to come together and present topics we’re passionate about.

Don’t miss out on this special event with community news, project demos, programming workshops, company and product updates, and more! In this edition, we will be introducing an unconference track, in which you will be able to propose any topic and drive an interactive discussion with the community (the world is your oyster!).

We are looking for speakers who want to share their experience with the community in a 30 to 45-minute presentation. We welcome all topics related to software development and the tech ecosystem. Additionally, we’re looking for unconference hosts who are passionate about a particular topic and want to lead a discussion on it.

Have a topic you’re especially excited about and would like to host? Follow these top five tips to get your topic suggestion accepted, and submit your proposal before August 14th!

Top five tips to get your proposal accepted

To increase the chances of your topic being selected, there’s a few qualities our community especially looks forward to. When brainstorming your proposal, we recommend keeping the following in mind.

1. Keep it short and sweet

Brevity is key when it comes to proposals. The review committee is looking for clear and concise proposals that get to the point.

2. Make it relevant

Your proposal should be relevant to the Docker community. Think about what would be of interest to other members of the community and what would contribute to the overall goal of the All-Hands event, which is to bring the community together.

During this event, developers can look forward to an altruistic platform for learning about new technologies and driving group conversation. For this reason, please don’t submit commercial and promotional content.

3. Don’t be afraid to repeat topics

Everyone has a different perspective, so don’t be afraid to repeat a topic that has been presented before. Your unique perspective is what makes your proposal valuable!

4. Know your audience

Keep your audience in mind when crafting your proposal. The All-Hands event is open to developers of all levels, so make sure your proposal is accessible to a broad range of people.

5. Follow the submission guidelines

Be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your proposal. This includes providing all the required information and using the correct format.

Still not sure what to submit? Here’s a list of ideas


Main track:

  • Converting your application from a monolith into a collection of microservices
  • Getting started with Carbon, WASM, or any other technology. Provide a template in DockerHub for people to use!
  • A workshop on how to build modern web development architecture based Jamstack
  • A workshop on how to use some exciting new technologies (Web3, AI, Blockchain)
  • Case study: How you increased the productivity of your team with modern software tooling
  • Best practices for developing and deploying cloud-native applications
  • Showcase your new IoT project and information on how to contribute
  • How you made your tech meetup more inclusive
  • Your new Docker extension and how others can benefit from installing it

Unconference track:

  • Discussion on security best practices
  • Lightning talk about your open source project
  • Birds of a Feather session – Reactive Programming
  • Discussion panel on Artificial Intelligence trends
  • Guided meditation session
  • Docker sessions in French, Spanish or Klingon
  • An interpretative dance session of marine creatures

We hope these tips help you in submitting a successful proposal for our next Community All-Hands event. Make sure to submit your ideas before the August 14th deadline, and we’ll see you there!


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