Press Releases

April 8 2014

Docker 0.10: Quality and Ops tooling

This release is the next step on the road to Docker 1.0 with a dominant focus on quality and improving ops tooling.

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March 10 2014

Docker 0.9: Introducing execution drivers and libcontainer

Today we are happy to introduce Docker 0.9. With this release we are continuing our focus on quality over features, shrinking and stabilizing the core, and providing first-class support for all major operating systems.In addition to dozen of bugfixes, Docker 0.9 includes 2 major improvements: execution drivers and libcontainer.

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February 5 2014

Introducing Docker 0.8

Today we are happy to introduce Docker 0.8, with a focus on Quality and 3 notable features: new builder instructions, a new BTRFS storage driver, and official support for Mac OSX.

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January 21 2014

Docker closes $15M Series B Funding

Greylock Ventures leads large round to accelerate Docker's progress.                  

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November 7 2013

ActiveState Released Stackato v3.0 Beta based on Docker

ActiveState's™ Stackato v3.0 PaaS Builds on the Best of Open Source to Drive Innovation

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October 29 2013

dotCloud, Inc. is now Docker, Inc.


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August 23 2013

Docker 0.6 released!

Today we've released Docker version 0.6. It comes with an Events API, build and registry improvements, expert mode, security updates and more.

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July 18 2013

Docker 0.5 Released

We've released version 0.5. Amongst other things, this release containes External Volumes, Advanced Networking and support for an Self Hosted Registry,

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