2018 Docker Community Awards

Jan 3 2019



The Docker community has been at the heart of Docker’s success from the start. We are constantly in awe of the dedication and passion of the practitioners – users, customers, partners, contributors and maintainers – who make up our community. Early in December at DockerCon Barcelona we were humbled to honor a Docker Captain and a few very special Community Leaders whose activities over the past year have made a tremendous difference to us all. Together, the Docker Community has achieved so much, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

Tip of the Captains Hat Award

Bret Fisher


Docker Captain (and Community Leader) Bret Fisher was nominated to receive this inaugural award by his fellow Captains because his contribution and leadership serve as an example of what it means to be a Docker Captain. Bret teaches Docker to thousands of people through his Docker Mastery online course, conference workshops, and ask-me-anythings on YouTube Live. He is accessible and constantly sharing knowledge with the community and the Captains, and he helps drive improvements up and down the software stack of both Docker open source and Docker commercial products. In Bret’s own words:

“I’m so proud to be part of this community and honored to receive this award. I’ve personally watched Docker technologies change countless companies and careers, and I’m excited every day to help people further their knowledge. Keep on Dockering!”

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Community Leader of the Year Award(s)

The following Community Leaders were selected by Docker because they organize in person events, network with ecosystem partners, act as mentors, and create a safe space for people to come together and learn about Docker technology. In addition, they help their fellow Community Leaders and provide invaluable support and feedback they provide to Docker.

Cristiano Diedrich and Marco Antonio Martins Junior from the Porto Alegre User Group



Christiano shared: “I have been part of the Docker community here in Porto Alegre since the first meeting on May 26, 2015. Subsequently,  we have met as often as possible. For me, being a Community Leader is very rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to help other people with their doubts; we have a very intense community who are thirsty for knowledge.”

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Augustine Correa from the Mumbai and Mangaluru User Groups


From Augustine: “It has been an absolute pleasure being one of the earliest organizers of the Docker community worldwide, first in Mumbai and then later in Mangaluru. And to have a ringside view of the explosive growth of Docker and it’s a measure of immense pride for me that I may have played a minuscule part in that around here. This award is as much for the local communities who had kept faith in me since 2014-15 when I told them about a tiny French tech company that had released an awesome OSS and would be a great boon for them. Also, I am grateful for the Docker community team for being a pillar of support for me and my fellow organizers through the years. I am having a whale of a time. Thank you.”

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Adina-Valentina Radulescu from the Timisoara and Brasov user groups



From Adina: “Being part of the community always gives me power, courage and new learnings. Being part of the Docker Community allowed me to get involved and stay up to date with the latest Docker training and features. I also discovered the beauty of the Romanian community: interactive, open, self-learning, full of life, supportive. I have made new friends, connections and professional pals.”

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Mohammed Aboullaite from the Casablanca user group


From Mohammed: “Since its creation, Docker has been sparking innovation in the tech industry, while its community did, and continues to do, an amazing job helping members to boost their knowledge, fostering collaboration in OSS and providing devs & ops with a forum to learn about the container ecosystem. Being a Community Leader is a way to give back to the community, It’s an opportunity to share knowledge, expand my network and it helps to move the technology forward in Morocco.”

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Michael Irwin from the Blacksburg user group


From Michael: “First off, I’m incredibly humbled receiving this recognition and award. Thanks to our local community and to Docker for helping put all of this together! Helping run the local Docker meetup has helped me grow in so many ways, from learning the technology, enjoying to teach others, how to organize events, and helping me reach out and network in situations I may not be the most naturally comfortable. We’ve developed a “Getting Started” series that has been used all over the world. I’m glad to be part of such a great community!”

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If you’re not yet involved in the Docker Community, join us! Here are some ways to get started.


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