Introducing the new Docker Technology Partner Program

Jul 24 2019

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Docker Technology Partner (DTP) program as a strong foundation for the ongoing collaboration with our ecosystem partners. Together through the new program, Docker and our partners will accelerate providing our enterprise customers with proven collaborative solutions. 
Our industry-leading container platform has proceeded to become central to continuous, high-velocity innovation for more than 750 enterprises around the world. As such, we recognized the need to enhance our partner program to make it easier for customers to identify key partners from the ecosystem that will provide them with the most value. The DTP program is designed to ensure that Docker customers across a variety of company sizes and industries have access to our massive ecosystem of partners and are able to integrate Docker containers with other chosen technologies.  This program provides clear insight into our formal partnerships, as well as the depth of joint product integration. 
Our partners also receive due recognition for their hard work in ensuring compatibility and support with Docker Enterprise. As always, we truly do appreciate the continued support of our partners, and are proud to showcase their accomplishments in integrating and validating with the Docker platform. 

Whether you’re an existing Docker customer, or just getting started with the platform, we encourage you to learn more about our partners and some of their offerings. These products provide invaluable tools for IT operators and developers to get the Docker platform and associated applications running in production easily. Docker Enterprise works on all major cloud providers and operating systems, and supports both Kubernetes and Swarm, giving you access to the broadest range of partner solutions.  Additionally, you’ll find applications from our ISV partners to either run in your Docker Enterprise environment, or utilize when building your own applications. There are three levels in the DTP program:
  • Verified Partners who have engaged with Docker directly, and are publishing products on Docker Hub under a Verified Publisher account.
  • Professional Partners who have Certified (tested & supported) their products with Docker Enterprise
  • Premier Deepest level of integration with Docker Enterprise, requiring Certified technology to undergo category specific technology review. 
Please take a look at our growing list of Verified partners on Docker Hub, as well as our Professional partners! We will begin to invite partners individually to participate in our first round up of Premier partners in the near future.  Learn More: You can contact us with any questions.


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