DockerCon Hallway Track Is Back – Schedule One Today

Nov 19 2018



The Hallway Track is coming back to DockerCon Europe in Barcelona. DockerCon Hallway Track is an innovative platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet one-on-one and schedule knowledge sharing conversations based on shared topics of interest. We’ve partnered with e180 to provide the next level of conference attendee networking. Together, we believe that some of the most valuable conversations can come from hallway encounters, and that we can unlock greatness by learning from each other. After the success at past DockerCons, we’re happy to grow this idea further in Barcelona.

DockerCon is all about learning new things and connecting with the community. The Hallway Track will help you meet and share knowledge with Docker Staff, other attendees, Speakers, and Docker Captains through structured networking.

To participate in Hallway Tracks:

  1. Explore the Market – where all participants post the knowledge offers of topics they are willing to share, or questions they want to brainstorm.
  2. Pick a topic from the list (and/or create your own offer or question).
  3. Schedule your Hallway Tracks and meet in person at the Hallway Track Lounge!

If you are interested in attending DockerCon please register soon! If you are already registered and want to book your Hallway Tracks, the platform launches today – look out for the email with instructions for logging into the system.


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