Docker Engineering at DockerCon

Apr 12 2019

DockerCon is coming soon, and our Engineering team is hard at work preparing for the event. We’re excited to meet with community members, chat about the container ecosystem, and share our knowledge. Here are a few places you can find us if you’re attending – we hope to see you there!

Hallway Tracks

One great opportunity for meeting up with Docker engineers is Hallway Tracks. A number of our engineers have sessions set up to meet one on one or in small groups to talk about things they’re passionate about. Whether you’re an expert who wants to share their knowledge, or a new user looking to learn from those who have been there before, this is one of the best events at Dockercon for interacting with others in the community.

Breakout Sessions

You can also find us in Breakout Sessions. Here’s some of the available sessions featuring our engineering team:

The Road Ahead for Containers – Michael Crosby
In this talk, we will discuss a few of the feature sets that are being designed and worked on to improve containers running on developer’s machines and data centers, across machine learning and IoT use cases. The next set of container use cases will require further extensibility to support new operating models. We will share some of the key R&D that is coming from Docker to push containers forward.

Dockerfile Best Practices – Tibor Vass and Sebastiaan van Stijn
This talk will give you tips and tricks to get better build time performance and smaller images. The most important take-away is: you should be using multi-stage Dockerfiles and enable BuildKit.

How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses – David Yu and Jean Rouge
In this session, we’ll highlight some of the innovation Docker has added to Kubernetes to simplify configuration and ongoing operations while still providing a fully conformant Kubernetes environment. We’ll cover areas like deploying applications on Kubernetes, managing access controls and multi-tenancy, end-to-end security and improved troubleshooting. Demos will highlight key comparisons to show you that you don’t have to build it yourself.

containerd: From Inception to Graduation and Beyond – Derek McGowan
This talk outlines important features such as the CRI plugin in containerd 1.1, the stabilization of the runtime shim API to enable better VM runtime support in 1.2, and the upcoming Windows runtime in 1.3. 

Persisting State for Windows Workloads in Kubernetes – Deep Debroy and Anusha Ragunathan
While several interfaces exist for managing persistent storage requirements of Linux workloads, Windows nodes and workloads have a more limited number of options today. And as Docker gets ready to add support for Windows workloads in Kubernetes through UCP, platform architects, operators and storage vendors need to be aware of the enhancements necessary to manage persistent storage for Windows workloads. This talk will go over a quick overview of the interfaces available for persistent storage for Linux workloads and delve into how to adapt them for Windows workloads. 

Microservices Enabled API Server – Routing Across Any Infrastructure – Alex Hokanson and Brett Inman
At Docker, we developed our own highly available and automated API server on top of HAProxy with deep integration with Consul. Our API server acts as a service discovery and load balancing service to ensure availability in a highly dynamic environment. In addition to running such a complex application, we need to support thousands of requests per second while being able to monitor every request that comes through–that is no small feat! We’ll talk about the challenges of and some solutions to the problem of routing requests in a container world.

Open Source Summit

The Open Source Summit returns this year! This is a great opportunity to get involved in the open source community and talk about the future of these projects. Topics range from specific tools like BuildKit and containerd to areas like Security and Serverless.


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