DockerCon SF 2018 Cool Hacks Spotlight: Kubeflow

Jul 2 2018

The closing keynote at DockerCon is traditionally the Cool Hacks keynote. This year, we featured three great hacks showing off innovative uses of Docker. In this post, I’d like to highlight one in particular, the Kubeflow demo with David Aronchick, and Michelle Casbon.

Machine Learning (ML) is becoming increasing popular, and important to enterprises. Kubeflow is an ML toolkit for Kubernetes, developed by Google. It’s a dedicated, portable and scalable approach to machine learning, using tools you’re already using to deploy other applications. It’s great because data scientists can use it to test out model creation on their laptops. And data engineers can take the models and use the power of Docker Enterprisein the cloud to further train and use the models in production.

In their demo, David and Michelle showed building an app using Kubeflow first with Docker Desktop and then on Docker Enterprise in the cloud. And they even took advantage of Google Cloud Tensorflow Processing Units native to the platform.

Check out their presentation and demo, and also check out Kubeflow to learn more.


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