2019 Customer Innovation Awards: Stories of Transformation in the Enterprise

Apr 30 2019

We are thrilled to honor six of our enterprise customers with the 2019 Docker Customer Innovation Award today at DockerCon. We launched the awards last year to recognize customers who stand out for how they are using  Docker Enterprise to drive transformation within IT and their business.

These are companies ranging from cruise lines to established “brick and mortar” enterprises, some of whom have been in business for well over 100 years. These are their stories.

Creating Exceptional Experiences: Carnival Corporation


Carnival’s first commitment is to creating fun, memorable and safe experiences for its guests. As the largest cruise line in the world, Carnival hosts over 12 million customers annually on 110 ships and at 15 resorts. Technology plays a key role in providing a world-class consistent customer experience.

Carnival leverages Docker Enterprise to build, run and update over 300 services on its new Medallion System, a necklace or wrist band IoT token unique to each passenger used to pay for drinks or as a key to your room. Adding or changing services, or testing new ones, is easy with the Docker Enterprise platform. The system is running on two ships today, with plans to expand this year to six more ships.

Culture Transformation Award: Citizens Bank


Home mortgages call to mind endless paperwork, not digital innovation. The Citizens Bank mortgage division established an innovation team to challenge the core assumption that the bank had to move slowly and carefully when it changed or added any services.

Rapid innovation supported by Docker Enterprise now allows the team to “fail fearlessly” and take new ideas from concept to running in a week — without putting the bank at risk. Before Docker, the team only managed a few software deployments a week. Today, they average over 200 deployments daily and run over 2,000 containers.

Digital Transformation: Liberty Mutual


What do you do if you have 106 years of accumulated technical debt but need to evolve and offer new digital services to remain competitive? Liberty Mutual started its digital transformation journey in 2016 by changing the way it builds software, using Docker Enterprise as the catalyst.

Through the company’s partnership with Docker, Liberty Mutual has been able to modernize traditional applications, and move these to the cloud in a more automated, portable, and cost-effective way, as well as enable new teams to write modern services quickly building on from open technologies.

“Docker has been a transformational technology. It helped us dissolve our previous assumptions about how app development, operations and security could be done.”

  • Mark Cressey, SVP & GM, Hosting Services
Global Impact: Lindsay Corporation


Lindsay started out as an industrial agricultural equipment manufacturer in the 1950s. Even ten years ago, their primary product was steel-based sprinkler systems for farms. Today, Linday is an IoT company that delivers value to customers through sophisticated software and sensors.

Core to Lindsay’s mission — feeding the world’s growing population in the most sustainable way possible. That means using its software to make intelligent decisions about watering crops, increasing yields and saving 700 billion gallons of water in the process. Docker Enterprise helps Lindsay build, test and deliver new capabilities to farmers rapidly.

“Whether it’s feeding 10 billion people by 2050 or helping to conserve the water resources that we have on earth, with our new architecture based on Docker Enterprise, the sky is really the limit.” — Brian Magnusson, VP Technology and Innovation

CIO of the Year: Nationwide


In 2014, it took three years to complete a software project at Nationwide — far too long to keep up with the rapid shift to digital. Even a simple software deployment took a week. IT undertook an initiative to turn that on its head.

Fast forward to today and a software deployment at Nationwide takes an hour, a 100x improvement. Critical applications in the Life, Property & Casualty and Claims business units have been containerized with Docker Enterprise. The company estimated it already saves $2 million a year in application costs. The company has a “container first” strategy and plans to migrate all existing apps to containers by 2021.

We’re pleased to recognize these customers with the 2019 Docker Customer Innovation Award.


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