#SwarmWeek: Advanced Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Mar 10 2016

Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker’s tinkerer extraordinaire, has been running full day on container orchestration with the full Docker stack. The whole workshop uses a demo application using DockerCoin (not a real currency, he tells us). It’s got with web frontends, web services, background workers, and stateful data stores. This is all to give you the experience of running a full scale app in production.

You can check out the slides for the full workshop, and his code for the app.

jpetazzo Check out the video below, in which Jérôme excerpts 15 minutes from the workshop. In this video, he covers

  • Deploying an application described by a Docker Compose file seamlessly to a Swarm cluster
  • Adding load balancers to our application and scale it through the Compose CLI
  • Manage the app using Swarm

If you have multiple screens you can even follow along and run through the exercise yourself while watching Jérôme. You’ll not only be able to deploy onto your cluster but then mimic real world operations tasks like scaling a single service and even load balance scaled services in Docker. We hope you enjoy this tutorial – and follow Jerome on Twitter to see where he travels next to reserve a seat at his next in person workshop.

Don’t forget to participate in our DockerCon ticket raffle! Share a picture or description of your Swarm with us on Twitter and tag @docker and #SwarmWeek for a chance to win a free ticket to DockerCon 2016 on June 19-21 in Seattle, WA.

Here are some additional resources on Docker Swarm:


Learn More about Docker


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