Docker Hub Hits 5 Billion Pulls

Aug 11 2016

Last week, the total number of image pulls from the Docker Hub Repository Service reached 5 billion. That’s an increase of 150% since just February. It’s pretty amazing for a three year old project. Docker Hub has become a part of the daily life of developers because it

  • Is a central, reliable, and secure service to host your own repositories and get access to high quality images
  • The repository service also serves Docker Cloud repos and in fact with your existing content and subscriptions

That means the over 650,000 registered users are pulling images over 13000 times a minute. That’s almost twice as fast as in February when we had 7000 pulls a minute.

Equally interesting, the total number of pulls of official images exceeded 1 billion at the same time. The Docker Official Repositories are a curated set of image repositories that are promoted on Docker Hub. Official images are scanned by Docker Security Scanning, making them the most secure base images you can use. In fact, you can see how secure each of them are by using Security Scanning. And you can use the same scanning service on your own private repositories during the free trial period.

If you haven’t gotten in on the fun yet, it’s really easy to get started. Create your Docker ID today and get one free private repo.

You can create a repository right there

Or you can just push from the command line

$ docker login

Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker. If you don’t have a Docker ID, head over to to create one.

Username (manomarks): manomarks


Login Succeeded

$ docker build -t manomarks/visualizer .

$ docker push manomarks/visualizer

And we’re building even more functionality with the new private beta of the Docker Store, which will provide a scalable self-service system for ISVs to publish and distribute trusted and enterprise-ready content. Head over to to give it a look.


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