Introducing Docker Community Leaders – Formerly Known as Meetup Organizers

Nov 29 2017

As we continue to grow, we’ve been thinking of ways to better serve the Docker community and give more visibility and recognition to the people who don’t just organize events, but who also teach, mentor and volunteer in their community.

docker community leader

What’s New?

  • New name! These folks don’t just organize meetups, they are leaders, mentors, teachers, speakers, and volunteers in their local community.
  • New mascot! About time right?  What better animal than the social dolphin to represent this amazing group! Our community leaders are pros at juggling several tasks and filling multiple roles at the same time.


They spoke and we listened

At each DockerCon, we host a Summit for our Meetup Organizers to make connections, review best practices, and give feedback on what we’re doing well and what we can do better. In Austin, the group reviewed their program as a whole, and came to the decision that the title Meetup Organizer didn’t fully encompass the complete role they played in their local community. After the conference, we continued the conversation, and they reached a decision. Moving forward, Docker Meetup Organizers will now be known as Docker Community Leaders.

Docker Community Leaders

What’s it like being a Community Leader?

A Big Thank You!

With an ever-growing community and 550+ active community leaders in 81 countries, who collectively support a global community of over 200,000 members, there’s a lot that Docker has to be thankful for! We are continuously humbled by the dedication and time these individuals take to support their local communities.

Other ways to get involved:



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