Welcome New Docker Captains

May 10 2018

Today, we are excited to announce our new Docker Captains! Docker Captains are technology experts and leaders in their communities who are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. Individuals are awarded the distinction of Docker Captain because of their technical expertise, content and technical contributions to the community  and outstanding engagement with Docker’s users.

The New Captains Class

New Docker Captains

New Docker Captains

Arjuna and Nicolas - Captains


Follow the Captains

Follow all of the Captains on twitter. Also check out the Captains GitHub repo to see what projects they have been working on.

Learn more about each Captain

Docker Captains are eager to bring their technical expertise to new audiences both offline and online around the world – don’t hesitate to reach out to them via the social links on their Captain profile pages. You can filter the captains by location, expertise, and more.

Alex Iankoulski

Alex has 20+ years of experience in the software industry. He is currently a Principal Software Architect for Data Science and Analytics at Baker Hughes, a GE Company where he focuses on enabling deep learning scientists and analytics experts to bring algorithms and new modeling techniques from prototype to production using containers. He believes that good tools get out of the way, empower users to go fast and enable them to stay focused on what they do best.

Arjuna Rivera

Arjuna Rivera is Lockheed Martin’s Infrastructure and International (I2) Labs Senior Manager and Principal Researcher reporting into the I2’s Technology Office.In this role, Arjuna is responsible for leading labs to drive innovation, IT disruption and modern cloud usage across the enterprise.  As an idea incubator and technical facilitator for I2, I2 labs doesn’t just discover products, they bring experiences to life.

Arjuna’s career spans more than 19 years of service to Lockheed Martin. Arjuna’s diverse background includes, but not limited to experience in IT Infrastructure, Applications, Testing, Security Engineering, Governance, Risk, Compliance, Incident Response and general management.

Arjuna maintains several industry certifications; he has a MS in Management with a concentration in IT from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and BS in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida.

Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell is a Solutions Architect for BoxBoat. He started with Linux when Slackware was shipped on floppy disks and has been hooked ever since. In his day job, he helps clients deploying docker CE, EE, Swarm, and CI/CD pipelines. In his spare time, he’s answering questions on StackOverflow as BMitch or Twitter. For a break from the keyboard, he enjoys biking and backpacking, not at the same time. Cats over dogs, vim over emacs, and spaces over tabs.

Danny Bryant

Oracle ACE Director, Danny Bryant resides with his family in Atlanta, Ga where he received his BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is currently and Infrastructure Principal at the Accenture Enkitec Group. He is a hands-on technical manager with a wide range of skills across the IT landscape possessing experience in areas such as networking, server administration, and programming.

Danny is greatly involved in the Oracle community as he serves on the Board of Directors for both ODTUG, and his local user group, the Georgia Oracle User Group. In additional to being an ODTUG Board member, he also served as the Kscope 2016 and 2017 Conference Chair. He has served on the Board of Directors for Atlanta FreeNet, a nonprofit organization working to provide free wireless Internet access to the City of Atlanta, and is a lifetime member of The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

He was also an Adjunct Instructor with the Oracle Academy, teaching SQL and Data Modeling throughout the US and Europe.  In his free time, he SCUBA dives, trains in the martial arts of Jeet Kune Do and Capoeira with his son.

Kevin Crawley

Kevin has been working with containers for over 3 years, having delivered and maintained multiple applications in production. He is an organizer and speaker for the Nashville area’s own Docker Meetup, FaaS Meetup, and Go Meetup (Gophers). He is passionate about technology and an advocate of the HumanOps movement.

When he’s not rolling his face around on the keyboard he enjoys cycling, camping, hockey, and traveling.

Kinnary Jangla

Kinnary Jangla is an engineering manager at Pinterest and an author. Her newest book is “Docker on microservices”. She has worked on ML Infra at  Pinterest, Growth and Maps at Uber and Bing at Microsoft. Kinnary is an advisory board member on the Rutgers Big Data certificate program and on Women Who Code.

Julie Lerman

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft Regional director and a long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades.  She makes her living as a mentor and consultant to software teams around the world. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design and other topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie blogs at thedatafarm.com/blog, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on Pluralsight.com. Follow Julie on twitter @julielerman.

Łukasz Lach

Łukasz Lach is a software Architect at GOG.com, passionate and happy every-day Docker user, and Docker Community Leader organizes meet-ups in Warsaw (Poland). Once a week he lectures at the University of Warsaw, on topics related to high performance web solutions and teaches students how to base their work on Docker and Docker Swarm. Łukasz is a Docker Certified Associate and the creator of the Docker Quiz (to be released at DockerCon San Francisco) to help others prepare

Nicolas Muller

Nicolas has been a developer for 15 years (Java & iOS), Jug Leader in Marseille, speaker at Devoxx France 2014 (InfluxDB) and Devoxx France 2018 about Docker/BtrFS.  Previously worked in the financial industry in Luxembourg and Marseille.

Pav Jimanov

Pav is the CEO of SoftwareDefined, an innovative consulting practice specializing in DevOps Transformation and modern IT infrastructure.

Pav was first introduced to containers while working as an architect on Solaris 10 Software Update @Sun Microsystems back in 2005. He is passionate about Container, Virtualization, Analytics, and all things software defined. Pav tweets at @PavJimanov.

Rachid Zarouli

Docker Community Leader and speaker, Rachid Zachid is a former virtualization consultant and Instructor. After a successful experience building and training the ops team of the French registry (AFNIC), he’s now C.I.O. of a worldwide recognised CRM and E-COMMERCE agency. Dedicated to offer the most efficient production tools and infrastructure platforms, he works with his team on bringing latest technology at a production level. Involved in OSS communities from monitoring to container solutions, he teaches cloud computing architecture at a software engineering school in his spare time.

Renno Reinurm

Always keep shipping. Renno is software delivery automation engineer at sales-software startup Pipedrive and he always thinks how to make any regular routine more fun, faster and secure. Luckily Docker does most of the heavy lifting either using community or commercial products.

Sujay Pillai

Sujay is an ECM expert and now currently holds the Sr. DevOps position at Jabil. He plays a pioneer role in adoption of container technology at his work and is a community leader for Docker Penang meetup edition.

Sune Keller

Sune, is a former developer who is now an architect at Alm. Brand, a financial corporation (insurance, banking, pension/life insurance, car leasing) located in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was introduced to Docker by a buddy from university who enjoyed playing with the platform. After demonstrating to a few colleagues on how they could run a large, most bothersome legacy app in Docker, he remembers saying out loud, “But obviously, we’ll never be running Docker in production here.”

Today, and both greenfield and legacy apps and services in Docker in production, and the Docker-based platform his company has built a strategic foundation for their own-developed software development, as well as for running third-party software in our data centers. He enjoys spending time with his daughter.



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