Docker Team’s Favorites from 2015

Dec 31 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over! We saw lots of great content from the Docker community this year including blog posts, tutorials, conference sessions, meetup talks and more.

Thank you to everyone who contributed awesome Docker content this year – we’re looking forward to seeing more great stuff in 2016!

Here are a few of the Docker team’s favorites from the Docker community in 2015:

Mano Marks, Director of Developer Relations

My favorite article of the year (Bioboxes: standardised containers for interchangeable bioinformatics software) describes the work that bioboxes is doing to improve bioinformatics. Academic research is essential to advancing our understanding of the world, and yet it relies on custom software which is written of a specific environment. By containing that environment and the software, bioboxes is taking the pain out of bioinformatics software. They help researchers take advantage of each other’s research in an easy, reproducible way.

And here are ten of my favorite cool tools from the Docker community including Dockercraft and libnetwork!


Mike Goelzer, Product Manager

Jeff Nickoloff wrote a great post on how to use Swarm 1.0 with multi-host networking in Docker 1.9.  He shows how easy it now is to to set up a Swarm cluster with Machine 0.5 and then create an overlay network so your containers can communicate seamlessly across hosts.

Jay Johnson also wrote a very good post on Swarm that I think is the best Swarm 1.0 tutorial for advanced/production users.


Matt Bentley, Solutions Engineer

Ian Murdock’s blog post on how he found Linux is a great example of how small projects that people would tinker with as a hobby in their free time have made the transition to being widely adopted standards that most people interface with on a daily basis, whether they know it or not.  We’re seeing the same sort of transition occur with Docker where it has become more than just a project that a handful of people use; it is taking on a life of its own.  I feel like someday I’ll be able to write a blog post like that sometime in the future about how I came to find Docker.


Patrick Chanezon, Member of Technical Staff

Andrey Sibiryov‘s session at DockerCon EU 2015 on Kernel load-balancing for Docker containers using IPVS was my favorite technical presentation this year – like many people I didn’t even know IPVS existed! IPVS is simple, powerful, battle tested, and helps solve an issue, load balancing for micro services apps, that most Docker users have, with a utility that has been included in the Linux kernel for more than 10 years.


Jessie Frazelle, Software Engineer c0e09f50-8c82-11e5-846d-1f5e6a410598 (1)

This NVIDIA Docker repo is awesome because it allows NVIDIA GPUs to be accessed in containers. It’s even crazier than running Steam in a container (which has been done!). And it’s awesome to see the NVIDIA folks jump on board the graphics in containers train.


David Lawrence, Sr. Software Engineer

I read Jessie Frazelle‘s blog post on using Docker to run all the desktop apps on her computers in between accepting my offer and my first day of work.

tl;dr; we should all be running Chrome in a container!


Ben Bonnefoy, Software Engineer

This beginners’ guide to deploying production web apps to Docker by Justin McNally is a great resource for those just getting started with Docker!

I also really like Barry Jones’ “Why Docker?” blog post because it helps explain why Docker is a buzzword you should know and use.


Diogo Mónica, Security Lead

It’s a terminal-only advanced talk on security. Also, it was one of the highest rated talks at DockerCon EU 2015. Oh, and it has me in it 🙂


Tom White, Business Development

My favorite Docker content is the DockerCon 2015 Day 1 General Session, specifically the overview of Docker provided by Solomon. I reference this preso in all of my presentations as the best way to understand the Docker mission, technology and roadmap.


Adam Herzog, Community Marketing

And #tbt to that time at DockerCon EU 2015 when Betty Junod almost single-handedly got #DockerSelfie to be trending on Twitter!



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