Introducing Two New Community Repositories: Docker Labs and Docker Community

May 12 2016

The sheer amount of Docker content created by the community is amazing. From articles on all the different open source components to slide decks of commercial platforms, chances are the content you’re looking for in the Docker community already exists. Check out this collection of content including Docker tutorials, how-to guides, slides from the Docker community and more that we curate for you every day. You can also take a look at the Docker Weekly archives for the latest editions of the Docker Weekly newsletter.

The volume of content online does however present some challenges. It’s hard to sort through all the channels. That content is not always accurate or following Docker best practices. As you may know, Docker and its ecosystem are evolving rapidly. Most articles or tutorials get outdated very quickly unless the authors are dedicated to making sure that does not happen which can be quite time consuming.

Today we’re happy to publicly introduce two new GitHub repositories in an attempt to solve these challenges:


Docker Labs

Docker Labs is a GitHub repository for Docker-centric tutorials developed by members of the Docker team or members of the community. This repository will be maintained by the Docker team to ensure the tutorials are up-to-date and include info from the latest versions of Docker products and releases.

As of today, there are the following 5 tutorials available:

1. Docker for Beginners

A very entry level tutorial that walks you step-by-step through building a few basic applications.

2. Quickstart .NET Core

Get quickly started with the latest .NET Core release candidate in a Linux container.

3. Running a Heterogeneous Azure-hosted Swarm Cluster

Learn about running a Docker swarm cluster that has both Windows containers and Linux containers.

4. Docker for Java Developers

From learning the basics of Docker to building a multi-container Swarm application, this tutorial developed by Docker Captain Arun Gupta is for Java developers, showing how to use Docker with Eclipse and Maven.

5.Advanced Docker Orchestration

This tutorial develop and maintain by our very own tinkerer extraordinaire Jérôme Petazzoni. Is a thorough deep dive into Docker’s native solution for container orchestration including amongst other things: load balancing, labels, logs, security upgrades, cluster discovery, resource allocation, ambassadors, service discovery with consul, overlays networks, high availability with swarm and much more.


Docker Community

Unlike Docker Labs, the Docker Community repository contains links to useful resources but no code or actual tutorials.  The main objective is to centralize and organize content (articles, videos, slides, etc) curated by the Docker Team for the broader Docker Community. We’ll be creating special folder to cover new features and design associated with specific releases i.e Docker 1.11, specific event i.e DockerCon or specific topics i.e Docker networking. With the introduction of this new repository, everyone should be able to easily find the best and most up to date resources.

In this repository, you’ll also find our Docker meetup guide, FAQ and sponsorship guidelines which might be useful to those of you who’re interested in getting involved as a Docker meetup organizer or running their own technology user groups.


illus5-colorful-square Contributing to Docker Labs and Docker Community

We welcome issues and pull requests for either adding a new tutorial, fixing a problem with an existing tutorial or suggesting links to useful resources. Anything you contribute will be under an Apache license. Docker will choose which tutorials to accept and reject, and will be able to take any tutorials here and put them in Docker documentation. Likewise, anything posted here may be forked by anyone on GitHub.

We will be following the a lightweight version of the Docker contribution policies and procedures as explained in the documentation, and the Docker engine repo. This largely boils down to signing your PRs, and following the community guidelines.

Have a great Docker-centric tutorial you want to share with the Docker community? Wish to add a new feature or fix a bug?

Go ahead and submit your pull requests!


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