Docker Labs Repo Continues to Grow

Aug 26 2016

Back in May, we launched the Docker Labs repo in an effort to provide the community with a central place to both learn from and contribute to Docker tutorials. We now have 16 separate labs and tutorials, with 16 different contributors, both from Docker and from the community. And it all started with a birthday party.

Back in March, Docker celebrated it’s third birthday with more than 125 events around the world to teach new users how to use Docker. The tutorial was very popular, and we realized people would like this kind of content. So we migrated it to the labs repository as a beginner tutorial. Since then, we’ve added tutorials on using .NET and Windows containers, Docker for Java developers, our DockerCon labs and much more.



Today we wanted to call out a new series of tutorials on developer tools. We’re starting with three tutorials for Java Developers on in-container debugging strategies. Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows introduced improved volume management, which allows you to debug live in a container while using your favorite IDE.

We try our best to continuously update these tutorials and add new ones but definitely welcome external contributions. What’s your favorite language, IDE, text editor, or CI/CD platform? Any specific steps or configuration needed? Don’t hesitate to submit a pull request and share your knowledge with the community.


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